Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Jan said...

She's beautiful.

dandee said...

Abby just walked by the computer

Abby: Mommy, is that Faith?
Me: Yes.
Abby: I need to play with her more.

lovely lindsay said...

i love faith. i love when she gives me a hug when she sees me and i love when she makes me bracelets. what a little pretty she is.

mimi said...

cameron just said - oh look at pretty faith, mom isn't she pretty?

Tharker said...

Faith is such a beautiful little girl. And so darn sweet too.

alexandra-jade said...

Oh tell faith hello.
We have decided that she really can have my chair! That is if you really want it? Well happy day to you guys. I can't wait to come see you all.

Sara said...


I just found your blog, I have had fun reading and catching up with you guys. We moved back to Richland and I feel a little lost sometimes trying to stay in contact with everyone. Well, so good to read about what is going on in your life.
Sara Spencer

Jan said...

I just got a letter ironically today on when the next vegetarian
cooking class. It is March 13 to April 10. Thursdays 7-9pm. It is $10.00 dollars or $15.00 couple.

Let me know. Jan Barron

S. Schuller said...

Sweet Faith! This picture shows how cute and innocent Faith is. She is so beautiful.